Discover SIRIUS®3

Discover SIRIUS

About SIRIUS®3 Online

What is SIRIUS® online?

Under, the current values of a counter in operation and use can be accessed. Weeks, months and even years later, curves represent the average values of the respective time periods. Every 4 hours, the values are updated on the website. 

How are the values recorded?

For an accurate measurement of the temperatures of the online counter the new digital sensor T3S from the company Wurm was installed. On a counter length of almost 15 meters, the temperatures of the return air from a total of 36 measurement points are recorded. Until now, only one temperature recording per module was possible - in the best case, at every 100 cm.
So that the energy data of the multideck is not distorted by other in-market cooling units, an individual composite system was installed for the SIRIUS®3 counter system. A separate electricity meter records the energy values.
All values are recorded with the software FrigoData XP from the company Wurm and as a CSV table, passed on to the server.

How large is the counter system?

Length of the counter front: 14.93 m
Display area: 12.63 sq.m.

Are the values real?

Yes, all values are real. Any distortion is eliminated, as the data is from the FrigoData System, which is also used for recording in accordance with HACCP.

Energy efficient

Innovative engineering achievement:
With SIRIUS®3 you make a decision for refined high-end energy saving
technology. You benefit from declining operating costs thanks to a t0 between -3°C and -6°C and a maximum refrigeration capacity requirement from 95 to 195W per running meter.


Easing staff's work load means more sales: SIRIUS® 3 sets new standards in the areas of ergonomics, ease of operation and accessories. The spacious display area allows the customer to experience the freshness and arouses purchasing impulses.


Temperature stability, hygienic, product-preservation: Thanks to precise “Made in Germany” manufacturing, SIRIUS® 3 stands for ease of maintenance and operational reliability. You visibly realize more freshness for your products and save costs.